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No Negative Items 150+ Score Increase!

I want to thank you so much Brother Angelo McCutchen for your tired less effort with helping me with my goal. I came to you almost a year and half ago to with help with my credit. I remember you telling me it will be long process but i will not stop until I get all negatives items off all 3 credit bureau reports and you have kept your word. I bare witness that there are no negative items on my report and my credit score is at least 150 points higher from we first started. Thank You for educating me along the way and now setting me up to achieve my goals. May God bless you and Continue to use you as a vessel to educate our brothers and sisters on improving there future and credit. Now I can pass this knowledge down to my son with preparing him for his future. Thank you once again Brother McCutchen.

Mr. Baker

Debt collection letters
Angelo McCutchen

Debt collection letters


The Faithful Credit Repair Group is the real deal. Within 2-3 weeks of deciding to repair my credit, 8 judgments were removed, my phone stopped ringing and my score went up 11 points!I had a better knowledge of how credit works and it was explained with care and genuine concern. They are trustworthy and patient when responding to questions. It's more than a business to them it's a purpose. I highly recommend the Faithful Credit Repair Group. Live debt free & worry free. Thank you for being Faithful to your company name....

Renee W.


There is no one thing I liked most, but the whole process has been enjoyable.
Yes, I felt compelled to herald the praises of the Faithful Credit Group. After only a few short months my credit score has jumped just about 40 points. In light of that, I highly recommend that those in need of a credit make-over will choose to begin that process. However, it is imperative that you choose the right people to assist you in that process. So I recommend, THE FAITHFUL CREDIT GROUP! Trust me, you will love that you made that decision.

Dr. Troy B.


 I am a single mom who doesn't make alot of money, but getting my credit in order is a top priority to me, because I eventually would like to own my own home and the Faithful Credit Group LLC is helping me be on my way to making this happen sooner than later!! I HIGHLY  their services!

Dolores W.


Faithful credit group is awesome I would definitely recommend them to anyone that needs their credit repaired, a lot has been erased from my credit in just a few months I am very pleased with Mr. McCutchen & this group , highly recommend their services ! Fast , true to their word , & effective !

Charlene G.

Blue Shoes

Katia Elmoniem
Credit repair 
Faithful credit group awesome!! 
I never thought I would have good credit. I have tried other credit repair companies before and it was a waste of my time an money. Thank you

Mr. McCutchen



 Angelo McCutchen services are great! Helped me clean up some stuff on my credit report that I didn't even know was there! Plus, took the hassle and aggravation out of my hands with writing the letters needed to get the job done correctly. Thank you Faithful Credit Group, your business is one that is loyal, honest and efficient.

Carlita S.

Faithful credit group is awesome I would definitely recommend them to anyone that needs their credit repaired, a lot has been erased from my credit in just a few months I am very pleased with Mr. McCutchen & this group , highly recommend their services ! Fast , true to their word , & effective !

Charlene G.

Watercolor Painting

Score Keeps Climbing

Excellent communication and fast service. Yes The Faithful Credit Grouo LLC immediately started working on my credit and got 7 items deleted from my credit report in around a month and 4 more items deleted after that, and they are continuously preparing letters to get more items deleted. Communication with me is excellent and my credit score keeps climbing!! Thanks so much for your hard work and dedication, I'm on my way to credit excellence

Toye W.

I See the Light 

FROM 520 TO 721

Since 2004 I have been struggling with bad credit. I have worked very hard to fix it, desperate to have good credit I've taken scams promising to clean my credit up. I was referred to Angelo McCutchen to help me to clean my credit up. and in a couple of months he has proven himself to stand by his word! My credit score jumped from the very weak 520 to 721. Finally I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you Mr. McCutchen.

Nichole S.

The Best

 After trying so many other credit repair companies I got tired of trying to fix my credit, until I was introduced to Angelo and his credit repair company "The Faithful Credit Group LLC and within 6 weeks of hring him he worked on my credit and raised my scores from the low 600's to the mid 700's and he has given the tools to maintain a good credit rating. I would tell anyone reading this to give him a call and get the free consultation. He is the best at what he does. 

+150 Points

We started working together back in January 2019, and at that time my credit score was a 490 with lots of lingering negative remarks. Thanks to your credit expertise and advice, we developed a plan and within months my score improved drastically. The derogatory remarks such as judgments, tax liens, and credit inquiries have been removed much sooner than expected. Additionally, throughout this process if I needed him he was always available.


 Currently, my score is a 641 and is still increasing. I appreciate all the great work in helping raise my credit score and achieve my financial goals..


Thank you so much!



Robert J.

Almost 800

Thank you my long time brother for everything that you and your company "The Faithful Credit Group LLC" has done for me and still are doing for me through your credit repair company. My FICO score ia almost at 800 and to think that when I first started with you my scores were in the low 400's and now my confidence is up because of what you have done for me. Once again thank you for what you have done with my credit!  

Vincent R.

Thank You

The fact that my credit score has went up so much! The Faithful Credit Group LLC has been so great in fixing my credit. I want to thank you so much Angelo McCutchen! I am so happy that my credit scores gone up so much. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you.



 Shout out to the Faithful Credit Group LLC. The service was great!! everything was so fast. I recommended so many of my friends and family to start fixing their credit with the Faithful Credit Group LLC. He commits 100% of his time and keeps you updated on the process and any changes that occur.

Vanessa P.  

Suburb Family Home

One Year Later

Purchased my first home

Exactly one year ago (2/9/2015) my credit was in bad shape I had a score of 510 no where near being able to purchase a home. My pastor Maxine Johnson referred me to the Faithful Credit Group and they helped me get my credit back on track which allow me to purchase my first home this year (2/9/2016) I am so thankful for the work that Angelo has done with my credit. I pray that God will continue to bless him and his company so that they will continue to be a blessing to others. 

Sherrie D.

Shadow on Concrete Wall


Hello  I’m coming to you again regarding this young man here and his business, the Faithful Credit Group. I’ve known him over 20 years and he and his wife are very good and close friends of mine. So if you ask me about him, I can vouch for him. He started on my credit last November of 2019; and since then have had over 15 items removed from my credit report. And just today, he sent me a text saying 4 more items were removed, including a judgment. I read on a lawyer’s page where it stated that Judgements can not be moved. The devil is a liar!! When the devil says no, God says yes. I know you learn by your mistakes and I made them. I let someone get a Payday loan in my name, 2 cell phones and then turned around and co-signed for him a car. Well, what I got in return was, I don’t remember you getting no loan for me, a refusal to pay for the phones, and he made exactly 1 payment on the car. So you know what that did to my credit. I could get nothing..I’m not ashamed to say all of this because my testimony may help someone else. I thank God for you  Angelo McCutchen and The Faithful Credit Group for all you have done for me. you have not because you ask not. If you need help getting your life back on track, now and here is the opportunity.

Jackie M.

Happy Traveler

762 Score

I have utilized his service not once but twice and now that I understand how handle my credit my FICO score is 762. I'm telling you , reach out to Angelo and his company "The Faithful Credit Group LLC, and get your credit together today!!

Tiffani M. 

Home Deck

4 Months Later

I just want t to thank  Angelo McCutchen for helping me straighten out my credit. Now because of him I'm able to get a mortgage loan for my first house!! He is a blessing and God sent me to him because of my fervent prayers!! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!! And I must add it's only been 4 months!! Giving God All the Praise, Honor and the Glory!! I pray God will bless your business so you can be a blessing to ALL Gods people!!

Laura D.


I want to give a deep deep heartfelt THANK YOU to Angelo McCutchen for all the hard consistent and dedicated work he has done for me in improving my credit score. I’m someone who has been suffering with bad credit for many many years from my own doing. I would start off on the right foot but then unfortunately things will get bad for me and before I knew it I dugged a hole for myself with bad credit! I had tried a credit repair company before reaching out to Mr. McCutchen and I wasted so much money in this company trying to repair my credit and it literally didn’t get me anywhere. When I realized the money I was wasting I ended our contract and my credit got worse!!!! So a friend of mine told me about Mr. McCutchen I immediately reached out to him for a reasonable fee and right away after the first couple of months I started seeing QUICK and OUTSTANDING results on my report. It has been a year now and my credit score has went from in the low 500’s to now my credit score is in the mid 700’s.....I am soooooo excited and so GRATEFUL to Mr. McCutchen and his team for giving me a second chance in having Grade A credit and on my way to being DEBT FREE!! I Thank God that finally I’ll be able to purchase my Dream House one day soon without having to worry about being turned down because of BAD CREDIT!! Thank You again Mr. Angelo McCutchen and team for your hard work and dedication to my cause!!

Towanda S

50 years of


We have the know-how you need.

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